Windows 8/8.1
Windows 8/8.1

How to disable Updates in Windows 8 permanently

Disable Updates in Windows 8 will show you how can you modify the Windows Update Setting so that whenever we require we will not receive the Windows update and at the time of requirement we will manually update or create a schedule to update our Windows 8. What is Windows Update Windows Updates are the […]

Windows 8/8.1

How to open Folder Option in Windows 8

What is Folder Option in Windows 8 Folder options contains the settings for the files and folder functions and how the items and which items will be displayed on your Windows 8 PC. It also contains a customize setting for the “search” option. It contains the overall view setting and functions of all files and […]

Windows 8/8.1

Disable Ribbon UI and get classic bar of seven in Windows 8

The process will show you how can we hide the Windows 8 Ribbon UI and change its look to Windows 7 by enabling the Classic Toolbar. After Enabling the classic toolbar we can use it similar to Windows 7. But the process is temporary. After reboot your system it will back to Ribbon interface. The […]

Windows 8/8.1

Show or Hide the Ribbon UI in Windows 8 Explorer

What is Ribbon UI in Windows 8 Ribbon Ui bar is Introduced first in Microsoft Office 2007 and is also available in Windows Eight. It replaces some of the toolbar like command bar and quick access bar of the previous version of Windows. It is easy to use and very friendly interface. by default it […]

Windows 8/8.1

Change the position of the Quick Access toolbar in Windows 8

The below process will show us how can we customize the position of the “Quick Access Toolbar“. Quick Access Toolbar contains some of the useful commands (i.e. Undo, Redo, Delete, Properties, New Folder, Rename etc.) for quick access to various operations. By default it is present above the Ribbon of Windows 8. But we can […]

Windows 8/8.1

Different way to Shutdown/Restart Windows 8

Shutdown/Restart windows 8 using Command prompt 1. Open Command prompt (cmd) 2. Type the below two commands for shutdown or restart For Shutdown – Shutdown -s -t 00 For Restart – Shutdown -r -t 00 3. Hit ‘Enter“. 4. Now your system will shutdown or restart according to your Command. Also Check: How to Show/Hide […]

Windows 8/8.1

How to open Games Explorer in Windows 8

By default the shortcut for Windows Games (Games Explorer) is not available in Windows 8 where as it is available on the older version of Windows like XP, Vista and Seven. But we can also navigate to that Window. What replaces the Windows Games Instead of these classic games windows 8 comes with XBOX games. […]

New Feature To Windows 8 Windows 8/8.1

What are the new Features included with Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest Operating system by Microsoft for personal and professional PC which was initially released on 26th October 2012. it has some unique features that separate it from other OS by Microsoft. 1. Start Screen Windows 8 has a new start screen before the Windows desktop which is unavailable in the older version […]

List Of Features Removed From Windows 8 Windows 8/8.1

What are the Features that are not available or removed from Windows 8

These are the list of some windows features that are removed from windows 8 and available in the older version of Windows. They are 1. Windows Shell: From the Windows shell the start button and the Windows flip 3D view was removed. Instead of Start button a Start screen is newly introduced. Windows desktop gadgets […]