Windows 7

Remove Default games from Windows 7

Sometimes people feel that Games are no more required in Windows as their children or other people may spent too much time on it. So they want to disable them. These games are enable again also. Free Cell, Hearts, Minesweeper, Freeball, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Chess titans, Purble Place, Inkball are the default games in Windows […]

Windows 7

Disable Windows Media Player and internet Explorer in Windows 7

Windows media Player is the default player for Media files and the Internet Explorer is the default internet browser included with Windows Seven. But if anybody wishes then he can also disable these installed application. Disable Windows Media Player and internet Explorer 1. Go to Control panel -> Programs -> Program and Features. 2. Choose […]

Windows 7

Enable or Disable the Desktop icon on Windows 7

Sometimes we find that on our desktop the Windows icons like My Computer, Control Panel, User files, Recycle Bin, Network Icon are deleted and we are unable to restore them on the desktop The below process will show you that how can we show or hide our desired icons on desktop. Also Check: How to […]

Windows 7

Show and Hide the desktop Icons and Gadgets in Windows Seven

Some times we find that our desktop icons and gadgets are not there in the desktop or Whenever we try to create an shortcut or add a gadget after addition it is not there. This is due to the Icons and Gadgets are disable on the desktop. How to show or Hide the Icons and […]

Windows 7

Installation and Removal Process of Updates in Windows 7

How to Install or Uninstall an update in Windows 7 What are the updates in Windows 7 Updates are the additional software provided by Microsoft after the release of Original Windows to fix additional problem, improve the security and provide some extra features including customization. How to install an Update in Windows 7 1. Go to Control […]

Windows 7

How to Disable/Enable Windows Defender on Windows 7

What is Windows Defender Windows Defender is an anti-spyware program included with Windows 7 and Vista operating System. In Windows 8, it’s upgraded to an antivirus with “Microsoft Security essential“.Windows Defender gives protection to our system from potentially unwanted software and spyware that are installed on our system without our knowledge when we are connected to the […]

New Feature To Windows 8 Windows 8/8.1

What are the new Features included with Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest Operating system by Microsoft for personal and professional PC which was initially released on 26th October 2012. it has some unique features that separate it from other OS by Microsoft. 1. Start Screen Windows 8 has a new start screen before the Windows desktop which is unavailable in the older version […]

List Of Features Removed From Windows 8 Windows 8/8.1

What are the Features that are not available or removed from Windows 8

These are the list of some windows features that are removed from windows 8 and available in the older version of Windows. They are 1. Windows Shell: From the Windows shell the start button and the Windows flip 3D view was removed. Instead of Start button a Start screen is newly introduced. Windows desktop gadgets […]