How to Change Login Screen Background

June 22, 2017

How to Change Login Screen Background in Windows 8.1

This article provides you information on “How to change login screen background in Windows 8.1” . It’s very easy to change your login screen background if you know where  to find it. Window 8.1 is batter then it’s previous version with some new features are added in it. You can change the background color of start screen and login screen or you can also give any wallpaper to the login screen background. Here is some steps with images to change login screen background with your wallpaper or your image.

Step 1: Press “Win key” from keyboard in Window 8/8.1 to open the “Start” page, then click on “PC Setting” or you can also swipe the mouse pointer to the right edge of the screen, click on “Setting”, then go to “Change PC setting”. It will open all the setting page.

change login screen background- pc setting page

Step 2 : Now go to “PC and device”.

Step 3 : Now click on “Lock screen” option to open “Lock screen preview” page.

change login screen background-login page

Step 4 : Click on “Browse” option. Now choose your image for login screen background wallpaper.

Step 5 : Now click on “Choose Image” option. Finally you change your Login screen background .

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