How To Create Hidden Unsearchable File/Folder In Windows 7, 8, XP

November 19, 2013

How to create a hidden and unsearchanble folder in Windows

Article will show you how to create a hidden and unsearchable folder in Windows so that no one is able to show the content of the folder. By this process you can also make any file to hidden and unsearchable. Process works well on all version of Windows after Windows XP SP 2 (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows RT). By the process you can able to make the file and folder hidden and unsearchable so that neither anyone is able to see you nor get that from search result in your system. This will make your personal files safe and increase your privacy stronger.

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Create Hidden Unsearchable File And Folder In Windows 7, 8 and XP Using Command Prompt

1. First choose the file or folder that you want to make hidden and unsearchable.
2. Then open Command Prompt as an Administrator.
3. Then type attrib +s +h [folder/file path] and hit enter. When you are giving the path of the file then never forget to give the extension of the file. You can choose any file or folder for the process.
Suppose the file is apple.doc and it is placed in d:\mercenie folder. To make the mercenie folder hidden unsearchable just type c:\>attrib +s +h d:\mercenie  and hit enter. If you want o make the apple.doc file hidden unsearchable then c:\>attrib +s +h d:\mercenie\apple.doc and hit enter.
4. That is it. After that you will not able to see that file or folder.
5. To get the file just type the complete address of the file or folder on the address bar. (E.g. Here the address of the file is d:\mercenie\apple.doc and folder is d:\mercenie)
7. If you wish to see the hidden files/folder again as normal files then use attrib -s -h [folder/file path] command.

+s makes the attribute of the file & folder to system.
+h makes the attribute of the file & folder to hidden.
–s removes the system attribute and makes the file and folder to normal..
–h removes the hidden attribute and makes the file/folder to normal.

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  1. Uchiha Naruto says:

    I have windows 8 and i can still search files by typing txt , pdf , flv , mp4 and the results still show these private files with their respective extensions that I donot want anyone else to view

  2. chiqoo says:

    it does not apply to folders for me, but it is good with .exe .bat and other this kind of files.
    also when im typing file names with separate words, it says that the format is not correct, so im forced to use whole name folders to specify the path.

  3. Murlock says:

    This is great for making it so you can’t SEE the file, but everything on the inside still comes up if you do a search in file explorer, I think what people would find a bit more useful is making it so that you can’t search for things inside the folder, so that it would be completely hidden.

  4. vapcio says:

    nice thanks

  5. Alvaro Ramos Pompeia says:

    I have a directory that would like to be unchearchable on windows 7. I used DOS command:
    attrib +s +h +i /s “ALVARO DEL5000”
    but it did not work. The directory continues in explorer and the search shows the files.The DIR command shows the attribs s h and i

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