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June 16, 2017

How to Change Local Account to Administrator Account in Windows 8/8.1

When you are using local account, but you cannot access all your’s settings and files/folder in your PC which can be extremely frustrating. Without admin you cannot access all of your files which is created in another account and cannot change any settings to all of your account which can be pain, unless you have to go second account and change their settings and again come back to first account.This is very long way. Here is some simple steps to change Local Account of your’s to Administrator Account.

Process to Change Local Account to Administrator Account

Step 1: Swipe the mouse pointer to the right edge of the screen and tab “Setting” then click on “Control Panel” or you can also press “Win key + X” together, and then Press “P” to open “Control Panel” (Shortcut key for Control Panel).

Step 2: Now click on “User Account and Family Safety” option.

Step 3: Click on “User accounts”.

Step 4: Now click on “Manage another account”, to manage and change the account type, if your account is Administrator account.

Step 5: Now click on that account which you want to change to Administrator account.
Step 6: Then click on “Change the account type”.
Step 7: Now click on “Administrator”. It change your Local account to Administrator account.

Note:- You can use most of the software and change system setting in Local Account which don’t affect any other user account or system security , but if you change any settings in Administrator Account , it will affect all of your account in that PC. Administrator Account is a master account of your system which has complete control all over your PC. Through Administrator Account you can access all files/folders and change any settings of your PC.

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