Change the position of the Quick Access toolbar in Windows 8

February 19, 2013

The below process will show us how can we customize the position of the “Quick Access Toolbar“. Quick Access Toolbar contains some of the useful commands (i.e. Undo, Redo, Delete, Properties, New Folder, Rename etc.) for quick access to various operations. By default it is present above the Ribbon of Windows 8. But we can also change its position to the below of the ribbon. Whether it is present above or below the ribbon its commands are same. No change in its work. Just assign it in a position where you will feel it most useful.

Customize the Position of the Quick Access Toolbar in Windows 8

1. Open Explorer in Windows 8.
2. Click on Small Downward pointing arrow named as “Customize Quick Access toolbar“at the quick access toolbar.
3. You will get an option “Show above the ribbon” on the drop down menu.
4. Just Tick that option to show the Quick access toolbar on the top of the Ribbon and unchecked it to show it below the Ribbon.
5. You will get Undo, Redo, Delete, Properties, New Folder, Rename etc. commands on the Quick Access toolbar.
6. To enable those options to be shown on the Quick Access Toolbar just checked those option on the drop down menu of “Customize Quick Access toolbar“.
7. That is it.

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