How to Create a Recovery Disk in Windows 8.1

June 27, 2017

How to Create a Recovery Disk in Your System

Here we have some information to create a recovery disk in Windows 8.1 . Now question comes in your mind, why do we need to create a recovery disk ? A recovery disk or drive lets you boost your system and also you can use a recovery drive to help troubleshoot problems with your PC even if they are not properly working. Each model of computer comes with different applications or software. Some times you lose your data or software due to virus or other reason which make your system slow. Even sometime when you open any application, your system get hang or not working properly. At that time you need a recovery disk to boost your system.

Process to Create a Recovery Disk in Windows 8.1

Step 1 : Swipe the mouse pointer to the right edge of the screen, click on “Search” option.
Step 2 : Now in that Search Bar, type “Create a recovery drive” and click on “Create a recovery drive” option that appear just below to the Search Bar. After clicking User Account Control pop up appear on your screen, then click on “Yes” button.
Step 3 : Now it will start to create a recovery drive and check your’s Operating System and all software that installed in your system. After checking process complete, it will ask to insert the USB flash drive into your system.
Step 4 : Now follow the instruction in the recovery drive creation process.

Note:- When you are creating your recovery disk, remember that you should not turn off or restart your computer and always use 8GB or larger USB flash drive to restore your all applications or backups.

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