Different way to Shutdown/Restart Windows 8

February 16, 2013

Shutdown/Restart windows 8 using Command prompt

1. Open Command prompt (cmd)
2. Type the below two commands for shutdown or restart
For Shutdown – Shutdown -s -t 00
For Restart – Shutdown -r -t 00
3. Hit ‘Enter“.
4. Now your system will shutdown or restart according to your Command.

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Shutdown/Restart windows 8 using Keyboard

1. Navigate to Windows Desktop.
2. Press Alt + F4 key simultaneously.
3. It will ask “What you want to do“.
4. Choose “Shutdown” or “Restart” from the drop down menu.
5. Click On “OK“. Now it will perform your chosen operation.

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Shutdown/Restart by Signing out from the User Account

1. Open “Start Screen” of Windows.
2. Click on your logged in user name at the top right corner of the start screen.
3. Choose “Sign Out“.
4. Windows will sign out from the logged user and the “Lock Screen ” will be opened.
5. Just press any key or slide the Lock screen to see the log in screen of Windows where the list of available users are present.
6. You will get a “Power” button icon at the bottom right corner.
6. Just click on there, a drop down menu will be opened.
7. Choose “”Shutdown/Restart” from the drop down menu and click there.
8. Windows will shutdown or restart according to you.

Shutdown/Restart windows 8 from the Setting

1. Take your mouse cursor to the right side of your Windows Screen .
2. Click on “Setting“.
3. Then click on “Power“.
4. A drop down menu will open which shows you “Restart” and “Shutdown“.
5. Choose your required operation and click on there. That is it. Windows Eight Will perform the required action.

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