Disable Ribbon UI and get classic bar of seven in Windows 8

February 21, 2013

The process will show you how can we hide the Windows 8 Ribbon UI and change its look to Windows 7 by enabling the Classic Toolbar. After Enabling the classic toolbar we can use it similar to Windows 7. But the process is temporary. After reboot your system it will back to Ribbon interface. The below process will show you how to toggle between classic and new interface.

How to Enable old Toolbar in Windows 8

1. Open Windows 8 Explorer. It will open in Ribbon interface.
2. Just press “F11” from the keyboard.
3. You will get that the Windows 8 ribbon is hidden and Classic bar are Enable.
4. To get back the Windows 8 ribbon again , Just press “F11” from the keyboard again.
5. Whenever you move your cursor near those classic bar you will get that the bar will be hidden. It is happening as “Auto-Hide” (By default) option is already enabled for those toolbar.
6. To Disable “Auto-Hide” , Right Click on the Address bar (Near the forward and on the small downward arrow) and unchecked the option “Auto-Hide“.
7. After that you will able to see all the old toolbar of Windows 7 on Windows Eight.
8. That is it.

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Last Updated On: October 26th, 2013

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  1. Seumas Mac Uilleachan says:

    LOL Windows 7 is the “classic” now.

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