How to Create a Local Account in Windows 8/8.1

June 14, 2017

How to Create a Local Account in Your System

In windows operating system you can also create a local account along with other account (Registered Microsoft’s Account). A local account which is create in your system is not linked to any Microsoft Account. This account is only exists in your computer  not on online or Microsoft Account. Here is some easy step to create a local account for your system.

Step 1: Press “Win key” in Window 8/8.1 to open the “Start” page then click on “PC Setting”, and also you can swipe to the right edge of the screen, tab “setting” then click on “change PC setting” it will open all the setting page.

home page

Step 2: Now go to the “PC setting” and click on “Accounts” option.

aad new user account in window- account

Step 3: Then click to “other accounts” and a “Add an account” option appear in the right side. Click on “Add an account” option.

creat a local accountother account page

Step 4: Then click on “Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended)”.

create a local account- sign in without

Step 5: Now click on “Local account”and follow the instruction then click on “Next”.

create a local account- instructions

Step 7: Now click on “Finish”.

Note:  You can also create this local account as a child account to turn on Family safety to get reports of their PC use.

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