Shortcut Key For Windows 8

March 3, 2015

Shortcut Key For Windows 8 which is easy to access and use. Windows 8 has many shortcut key which helps us to use computer in easy way. Windows 8 is advance of windows 7 and some new features Windows 8 adds lots of great shortcuts for switching between applications,to the screen, or even move them to another monitor with a shortcut key.Here is some Shortcut Key For Windows 8.

Shortcut Key for Windows 8 Using WIN Key

 Win  Toggle between Desktop and Start Screen (or open Apps)
 Win+E  Run Explorer on Desktop
 Win+X  Open Power User Commands on Desktop
 Win+X then press U and again U  Shortcut for Shutdown.
 Win+R  Execute Run on Desktop
 Win+L  Lock Computer
 Win+F1  Open Windows Help
 Win+F  Search Files
 Win+I  Open Settings including Desktop, Control Panel, Personalization, PC Info, Help
 Win+C  Open Windows Charme. Use arrow keys and enter to select item.
 Win+Q  Search Charme or last search option
 Win+H  Share Charme
 Win+K  Device Charme
 Win+S  Search Settings
 Win+Z  Show Options / App Bar in current Metro Apps if available.
 Win+X then P  Control Panel
 Win+X then T  Task Manager
 Win+X then E or Win+E  File Explorer
 Win+X then R or Win+R  Open Run
 Win+X then  D or Win+D  Show Desktop
 Win+X then  F  Programs and Features
 Win+X then  C  Command Prompt
 Win+X then G  Computer Management
 Win+X then Y  System Information
 Win+X then S  For Search
 Win+X then K  Disk Management
 Win+X then V  Event Viewer
 Win+X then B  Mobility Center
 Win+X then M  Device Manager
 Win+X then O  Power Options
 Win+T  Go to the items in Task bar and continue with arrow keys
 Win+B  Go to items in System Tray
 Win+Arrow Up  Maximize Window across screen
 Win+Arrow Down  Minimize Window (if Restored) or set Window to Restored (if Maximized)
 Win+Shift+Arrow Up  Maximize Window vertically
 Win+Arrow Right /Arrow Left  Move Window to left/center/right. Works across multiple monitors
 Win+Shift+Arrow Right/ Arrow Left  Move window to left monitor / to right monitor when using multiple monitors
 Win+T  Go to first item in Task bar and continue with arrow keys
 Win+P  Projector screen or second screen settings.
 Win+U  Open Ease of Access Center

Shortcut Key for Windows 8 Using Other Key

 Ctrl+Tab   Switch Between Start Window and All Apps Window
 Escape  Close Start Screen and go to Desktop
 Alt+F4  Shutdown Windows Option
 Ctrl+Win+Tab then Arrow keys  Same as Ctrl+Alt+Tab, but only includes Apps, not Desktop Windows
 Alt+Space  Opens the title bar menu
 F11  Turn full page view on or off
 Alt+Q  Close Window
 Alt+Arrow Up  Go up one folder
 Alt+Arrow Left / Alt+Arrow Right  Go to previous folder / go to next folder
 Alt+D or F4  Jump to the Address bar and select absolute address
 Ctrl+C  For Copy
 Ctrl+V  For Past
 Ctrl+X  For Cut
 Ctrl+N  Open new instance of Windows Explorer
 Alt+P  Display or hide Preview Pane
 Alt+V then D   Check View menu for more options
 Alt+V then X  View extra-large icons.
 Ctrl+A  Select all
 Ctrl+Z  Undo an action
 Shift+Delete  Permanently delete without placing it into the Recycle Bin
 Ctrl+Shift+N  Create new folder
 Alt+Enter  Open Properties dialog box


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