Create bootable USB drive for Windows 7

February 14, 2013

As on many of the systems the CD/DVD drive is not working so We need to create a boot-able USB drive to reload our operating system. Three things are required to create a boot-able Windows 7 USB flash drive or Pen-drive.

1. A “Windows 7 USB-DVD Download Tool” application.
2. ISO file of the original Windows 7 Operating System
3. A 8 GB or higher USB drive or pen drive.

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How to create a boot-able Windows 7 USB drives

1. Download and Install the application “Windows 7 USB-DVD Download tool” from Google.
2. Open the application.
3. It will ask for the Path of ISO file of Windows 7 on step 1. Just “Browse” the ISO file and click on “Open“.
4. Now click on “Next” to go to 2nd Step.
5. It will ask to “Choose media type“. Choose “USB Device
6. Now click on “Next” to go to 3rd Step.
7. It will ask to insert the USB device. Insert your USB device and click on “Refresh” icon.
8. Choose your USB device from the drop down menu and click on “Begin Copying“.
9. Now it will start formatting your USB drive then transferring your data from ISO file to the USB disk (Sometimes it will ask for your confirmation whether you want or not to format the USB drive. Just click on “OK“. If you aren’t formatting the USB drive then the process will not continue.)
10. Wait till the completion of step-4 (i.e. Creating boot able USB device).
11. After completion it will show the Status as “Back Up Completed“.
12. Now Click on “Start Over” and then close the application.
13. That is it. Now your USB drive is boot-able.

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Last Updated On: October 26th, 2013

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