How to Disable/Enable Windows Defender on Windows 7

February 1, 2013

What is Windows Defender

Windows Defender is an anti-spyware program included with Windows 7 and Vista operating System. In Windows 8, it’s upgraded to an antivirus with “Microsoft Security essential“.Windows Defender gives protection to our system from potentially unwanted software and spyware that are installed on our system without our knowledge when we are connected to the internet or using a removable media. Windows defender is a part of Windows 7  “Action Center

It also provides two types of security.
1. Real Time protection: It gives you an alert when any unwanted spyware or application wanted to install it on your system. It also gives an alert when some important setting of windows is modified.
2. Scanning System: Windows defender also offers a scan system and after scanning if any harmful element is found then it provides a “Clean System” option to remove them.

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How to open Windows Defender

1. Click on Windows “Start” button.
2. Type “Windows Defender” on the start search box.
3. On the search result it will show you Windows Defender.
4. Click on Windows Defender. It will open Windows Defender.

How to turn off Windows Defender

1. Open “Windows Defender
2. Click on “Tools” and Choose “Options“.
3. Navigate to “Administrator” tab.
4. On the right pane of the Administrator tab you will get an option “Use this Program“. Just Uncheck the option and “Save” it.
5. Windows Defender will show you the Confirmation message that it has turned off. That is it.

How to turn on Windows Defender

If your Windows Defender is turned off. Then whenever you want to open Windows Defender, it will show you a message that “The Program turns off. If you are using another program that checks for harmful or unwanted software then check the Action Center for the program Status. If you would like to use the program , Click here to turn it on“. Just click on there and Windows defender will turn on and ready to scan.

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