Replace AM/PM with some other text in Windows 7

February 15, 2013

Windows Clock is present at the right side in the task bar of Windows 7. The process will show you the various customization of Windows Clock on the task bar of Windows Seven like Hide or show the AM/PM symbol, Put any desired text instead of AM-PM, toggle time format between 12/24 hour.

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How to customize the Windows Clock notification on Task bar of Windows 7

1. Go to Control Panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Region and Language
2. Navigate to “Formats” tab on the “Region and Language” window.
4. Click on “Additional Setting‘ and then navigate to “Time” tab.
5. On that window all the settings for windows clock are to be changed in symbol.
The various symbols used are
h=hour, m=minute, s=second (Used in Long time), tt=For AM-PM symbol, h/H=12/24 hour format
hh, mm, ss = Display leading zero and h, m, s= Do not display leading zero
Short Time = This is the time which is shown on the task bar
Long Time = This is the time which is shown on the task bar as a pop-up when we move our cursor near the short time.
6. To show your name or any desired text instead of AM or PM, Just put that name on the box of “AM Symbol” and “PM Symbol” in the “Time Formats“.
7. To hide or customize the Windows Clock type or toggle between 12-24 hour format use the symbols on “Short Time” and “Long Time” in “Time Formats“.
8. Now click on “Apply” -> “OK“. Now close all the open Windows by applying the changes.
9. That is it. Now your task-bar clock view is according to your wish.

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