Show and Hide the desktop Icons and Gadgets in Windows Seven

February 4, 2013

Some times we find that our desktop icons and gadgets are not there in the desktop or Whenever we try to create an shortcut or add a gadget after addition it is not there. This is due to the Icons and Gadgets are disable on the desktop.

How to show or Hide the Icons and the gadgets from the desktop of Windows 7

1. Right Click on the empty space of desktop.
2. Click on “View“.
3. on the view tab you will get two options as “Show desktop Icons” and “Show desktop Gadgets
4. Show desktop Gadgets: If you tick the option then then the gadgets will shown on the desktop otherwise they will be hidden.
Show desktop Icons: If you tick the option then the desktop icons will be visible otherwise not.
5. Just Choose your desired option. That is it.

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How to add Gadgets to the Desktop of Windows 7

1. Go to Control panel -> Appearance and Personalisation -> Desktop gadgets (or Right click of the mouse on the empty space on the desktop and choose gadgets)
2. Gadgets window will be opened.
3. Select the gadget you want to add to the desktop. Right click on it and choose “Add“. (If you want to uninstall a gadget a from your system then choose “uninstall” there).
4. That gadget will be shown on the desktop.

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How to remove a gadget from the desktop

1. On the right side of desktop gadgets are placed (By default), But a user can change its position also.
2. Move your mouse cursor to the gadget which you want to remove.
3. A Cross (Close) symbol will be shown near the gadget.
4. Click on that close symbol and the gadget will be removed from the desktop.

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