How To Create A Con Folder in Windows 8, 7, XP

November 29, 2013

How To Create A Con Folder in Windows

Crete a CON folder in Windows is a small part of the previous article “How to create folder with any name in Windows“. Article will show you how to create a con folder in windows using Command Prompt (CMD). You can also create a con folder without using command prompt. it works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Process To Create A CON Folder Using Command Prompt

1. Open Command Prompt (CMD).
2. Type mkdir\\.\[path where to create the folder]\CON and hit enter.

Note: Suppose you want to create a CON folder on d:\mercenie folder. Then type c:\>mkdir\\.\d:\mercenie\con on the command prompt (cmd) screen and hit enter.

3. If you wish to delete that folder then type rd instead of mkdir on step 2.
4. That is it.

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