How To Break Administrator Password in Windows XP Using CMD

November 18, 2013

How To Break The Administrator and User Password in Windows XP

Article will show you how can we change (break) the user password as well as the administrator password of Windows without knowing the old password on a system running with Windows XP. To change the password you need to get a system on power on condition. Then only the process will work. Otherwise not.

Break the administrator and user password in Windows XP using Command Prompt

1. Login to your Windows XP system.
2. Open Command Prompt as administrator.
3. Change the directory in command prompt as C:\windows\system32>
4. Type the command “net users” to show all the user and type of the user and hit enter.

Note: C:\windows\system32>net users

5. Choose the user whose password you want to change then type net users [username] * command to change the password
Note: c:\windows\system32>net user “username” *

6. It will ask you to enter the new password for the selected User.
7. Enter the new password and confirm that password and hit enter.

Change Administrator password in Windows XP 8. At the time of entering the password nothing will be seen as password. You just enter the password of your choice and hit enter.
9.If you face any difficulty then follow the instruction described on the Command Prompt screen to change the password.
10. That is it. Now a new password is set for that account.

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  1. lokesh says:

    i did as you said but it is showing an error like, access denied. can you tell me what is the problem ?

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