What are the Features that are not available or removed from Windows 8

January 26, 2013

Windows 8

These are the list of some windows features that are removed from windows 8 and available in the older version of Windows. They are

1. Windows Shell:

From the Windows shell the start button and the Windows flip 3D view was removed. Instead of Start button a Start screen is newly introduced. Windows desktop gadgets are introduced in  Windows Vista and Seven and those are removed in Windows 8.

2. Explorer Window:

On the explorer Window the Command bar was removed and it is replaced by the Ribbon UI. It contains some of the common commands that are used in the explorer Window. The details pane is placed at the right side of the window instead of the button  So Details pane and the Preview pane can not be enabled simultaneously.

3. Windows Default Games:

Free Cell, Hearts, Minesweeper, Freeball, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Chess titans, Purble Place, Inkball Games are not included in Windows 8. Some online Games are available in the Windows App Store. Shortcut to Games Explorer folder was removed but can be accessed by typing shell:games in Run Window or in the Explorer Address bar.

4. Internet Networking:

In dial Up networking some options under redialing such as “Redial attempts” and “redial if line is braked” options are no longer available. “Manage Wireless Networks” option in the task pane of Network and Sharing Center option is not available. Shortcuts for Bluetooth transfer Wizard for a device with blue-tooth is no longer available.

5. Security

Parent Control Feature is removed and replaced by the Microsoft Family Safety. Windows defender was rebuilt with Microsoft Security Essential. Windows update notification showing as a balloon in the task bar option is removed. All Users accounts must set a password in order to lock and show account on the log in screen. If any account is without password then Windows 8 will be automatically log-in to it.

6. Media Features:

Windows DVD maker was completely removed. Windows Media center is no longer available in the default edition of Widows 8 but available as an add on in Windows 8 pro. Windows Media player can not play the DVD Video.

7. Other features:

If the system stops due to some technical reason, No stop error message will come. There is no longer an option for allowing the user to disable touch-based pointing devices as an input device, though the driver can be disabled manually. The user log in and log off sounds were removed. The start-up sound remains but is disabled by default. In a dual boot Operating system Windows needs to be restart again to load the second OS. Classic view of Window is not supported.

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