What are the new Features included with Windows 8

January 26, 2013

Extra Features on Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest Operating system by Microsoft for personal and professional PC which was initially released on 26th October 2012. it has some unique features that separate it from other OS by Microsoft.

1. Start Screen

Windows 8 has a new start screen before the Windows desktop which is unavailable in the older version of Windows. The screen contain shortcuts for some internet application, desktop, folder, photos, videos, music, websites and installed application which can be customized by the user.

2. Mouse and Keyboard are replaced with touch screen

Windows 8 is fully compatible with touch screen. It can be used booth with and without the external mouse and keyboard in touch screen PC. Windows 8 can be used in non-touch screen old PC which satisfy its minimum requirement.

3. Special Log-in from Microsoft account

You can log-in to Windows 8 PC with your Microsoft account. After log-in you will get your customized background, display preferences and setting immediately. It is very similar to synchronize feature.

4. High Security

It provides high security with Windows defender, Windows Firewall and newly released Windows Update.

5. XboX Media Player

XboX Music player is pre installed with Windows Media Player

6. Internet Explorer 10 and Windows Media Player

It comes with latest windows Media player and Internet Explorer 10 which can be updated after the launch of new version.

7. Software Compatibility

Windows 8 comes with both 32bit and 64 bit (x86 and x64) and all the programs that are supported on Windows 7 will works on Windows 8.

8. Performance

Its start up and shutdown time, Switching between Windows is faster than Windows 7. it uses battery power more efficiently than the Windows 7.

9. Web Connected Applications

Some of the web connected applications i.e. MSN and bing news,finance, XBOX music etc. are pre installed.

10. menu bar

its menu bar is replaced with start screen which has a title based interface for application and easily customized.

11. Copy/ Move features

In windows 8 we can pause the copy of a file and simultaneously start a new copy/move also.

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