Shortcut Keys For Windows 7

February 21, 2015

Shortcut Keys For Windows 7 which is easy to access and use. Windows 7 has many shortcut key which helps us to use computer in easy way. Windows 7 adds lots of great shortcuts for switching between applications, to the screen, or even move them to another monitor with a shortcut key.Here is some Shortcut Key For Windows 7

Shortcut Key For Windows 7 Using WIN key

 Win+Arrow Down  Set window to Restored (if Maximized) or Minimized (if Restored).
Win+Arrow Up  Maximize window (if Restored).
Win+Shift+Arrow Down /Win+Shift+Arrow Up  Maximize Restored window vertically / Restore window to previous state.
Win+Arrow Right / Win+Arrow Left Move Restored window to left/center/right. Works across multiple monitors.
Win+Shift+Arrow Right / Win+Shift+Arrow Left Move window to left monitor and also to right monitor when using multiple monitors.
Win+Tab Cycle through programs using Aero Flip 3D.
Win+g  Cycle through Gadget Window.
 Win+d  Minimize all windows on all Monitors. Press again to restore previous state.
 Win+m Minimize all windows on current Monitor.
Win+Shift+m Restore previously minimized windows on current Monitor.
Win+e Start Windows Explorer (in My Computer).
 Win+r  Open the Run window.
Win+f  Open Windows Search. f3 on empty desktop works, too.
 Win+l Lock the keyboard/ computer.
 Win+p  Choose Presentation Display Mode.
 Win+x  Open Mobility Center.
Win+Home  Set all windows to Minimized on current Monitor except active.
Win+Space Preview Desktop / make windows transparent (May not work with all Settings).
Win+F1 Display Windows Help
win or ctrl+Esc Activate Start Button. Then use arrow keys, space and enter to navigate
 Win+t Go to first item in task-bar, continue with arrow keys
 Win+b  Go to first item in system tray
Win+19 Switch to application in position N on task-bar (or launch pinned application)
Win+pause/break Display System Properties which holds system properties, computer name, device manager and so on
Win+u Open Ease of Access Center
Win+[+] Start Magnifier and zoom in
Win+[-]  Zoom out with Magnifier active
Win+Esc Exit Magnifier

Shortcut Keys For Windows 7 Using Alt key

 Alt+Space  Opens the title bar menu.
Alt+Space+Enter  Restore Window.
Alt+Space+x Maximize Window.
 Alt+Space+n Minimize Window.
Alt+tab or
Cycles through open programs in task bar. Hold alt and continuously press tab to move forward between applications. Release keys to switch to application selected. Add shift to reverse direction.
Alt+Esc / Alt+Shift+Esc Cycle through programs on task-bar in the order they were opened or accessed
Alt+Arrow Up Go up one folder
Alt+Arrow Left / Alt+Arrow Right Go to previous folder / go to next folder
 Alt+d or f4 Jump to the Address bar and select absolute address.
 Alt+p Display or hide Preview Pane.
Alt+Enter Open Properties dialog box.
 Alt+e or ctrl+s Email current photo.
Alt+o Open current photo in other application (e.g. Paint of Office).
Alt+Home  Display the Help and Support home page.
Alt+Arrow Left / Alt+Arrow Right Move back / move forward to the previously/ next viewed topic.
 Alt+Home  Display the Start menu.

Some Other Shortcut Keys For Windows 7

F11 Turn full page view on or off
Ctrl+Win+Tab  Cycle through programs on Taskbar using Aero Flip 3D
Arrow Keys Navigate between and select single icons on desktop (when focus is on the desktop)
Enter Launch active icon
Tab / Shift+Tab  Switch focus forward/ backward between Address bar, Search Bar, Toolbar, Navigation Pane, and File List (Default is usually File List)
Ctrl+e or ctrl+f Jump to Search Box in Explorer
Ctrl+n Open new instance of Windows Explorer
Ctrl+mouse scroll wheel  Change size of icons
Shift+Arrow Up / Arrow Down Select multiple adjacent items (directly above or below).
Ctrl+c  For copy.
Ctrl+x  For cut.
Ctrl+v  For paste.
Ctrl+z  Undo an action
Ctrl+y Redo an action
Delete Delete an item and place it into the Recycle Bin
Shift+Delete Delete an item permanently without placing it into the Recycle Bin
Ctrl+Shift+n Create new folder
Alt+Enter Open Properties dialog box
Ctrl+0 (zero) Fit to Window

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