Show or Hide the Ribbon UI in Windows 8 Explorer

February 20, 2013

What is Ribbon UI in Windows 8

Ribbon Ui bar is Introduced first in Microsoft Office 2007 and is also available in Windows Eight. It replaces some of the toolbar like command bar and quick access bar of the previous version of Windows. It is easy to use and very friendly interface. by default it may be shown or hidden according to the setting but you can enable or disable it according to your wish.

Show or Hide Ribbon UI temporarily in Windows 8

To Show or Hide (Enable and Disable) Windows 8 Ribbon just press “Ctrl + F1” from the keyboard. It will show you the ribbon when it is hidden and hide the ribbon when it is visible.

Enable Disable Ribbon UI permanently in Windows 8

1. You will get a Small Downward pointing arrow named as “Customize Quick Access toolbar“at the quick access toolbar. The quick access toolbar may present above or below the Ribbon.
2. Just Click on there. You will get a drop down menu.
4. At the end of the drop down menu you will get an option “Minimize the Ribbon
5. Just checked that option to hide the Ribbon and Unchecked to show the ribbon.
6. That is it.

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